Team Sleepers


Sleepers are flip flops made of premium grade premium grade natural rubber from Sri Lanka. Plant based shoes, kind of cool. If you are curious about how are shoes are made, you can read more here


About us behind the brand

As a team, we all have different backgrounds, but a common goal, and that is that we should take better care of the planet. Inspired by the ocean, we use our creative qualities in Sleepers, which is reflected in the design, photographs and quality. We all think life is best with Sleepers on our feet and the sea breeze on our faces.

Sleepers is created by Nina, Frode, Anette, Susanne and Tor Marius. 


Nina Granerød and Frode Grønvold started and the Norwegian brand Fall Winter Spring Summer (FWSS) in 2011, before they sold the company and set out on a world tour with the family in a vintage motorhome from LA. Nina Granerød is a trained designer from Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design London. Frode Grønvold has a background as a professional freerider. He started his career in Norrøna and was involved in establishing the brand Whiteout together with Norrøna. Together, Frode and Nina have over 20 years of experience in the textile industry.

Anette Bastviken and Susanne Bastviken are the sisters behind the platform Radical Broccoli. Through social media, podcasts and their best-selling book Jordnært, which was published in 2019, they share inspiration to take care of themselves and our planet. Anette has a background from the Armed Forces and is educated in War Studies at Kings College in London. Susanne has a background from the UN and has a master's degree in economics from Copenhagen Business School.

Tor Marius Engen is a shoe entrepeneur who owns and operates Dito Agency and Off The Lip AS. He has extensive experience in the shoe industry in Norway and has worked closely with a number of well-known brands, as well as giving consumers the opportunity to choose sustainable alternatives for the major players in the industry. Tor Marius likes himself best on the mountain and out on the waves, and he has an education at BI Business School.